Bodegas Berceo was founded in 1801. It is the oldest winery of the city of Haro, located in the heart of appellation Rioja. It is the only winery of that time with a vertical design that continues working.

Bodegas Berceo Exterior
Bodegas Berceo Prensas
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As the winery is built on top of a hill, it is possible to take advantage of the difference of height so that the winemaking process is carried out by using gravity all along the five different levels. This way, we avoid using machinery in the transformation from grape to wine. Therefore, all the properties of the wine are better conserved.

This way, each step of the process is developed in a different floor, and the wine goes from one floor to the next one in a natural way. This process contributes to obtain higher quality.


Calados Bodegas Berceo

The underground tunnels of the winery are located in the old galleries of Haro´s old castle, which have been preserved since the Middle Ages.

These are underground caves that enabled communication throughout the city in the underground. One of them was the scape gate, since it gave access to the outdoors of the city. These galleries prove that Bodegas Berceo are built at the castle´s ruins, something that is very exciting for all the visitors we have in the winery.

In this place we can find constant humidity and temperature throughout the year, which is perfect for the development of the wine.

Regarding the winemaking process, Bodegas Berceo´s philosophy is based on two sources of inspiration that feed the wine world today: the ancient experience that comes from the European continent and the techniques used in the New World. The combination of both and the decision of our technical team make the personalities of the wine.

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